Caption: Foundation Registration Certificate in Thai

Yes, finally!
We are officially registered as Bookworm Foundation (มูลนิธิหนอนหนังสือ) in Phrao!

Now, next steps…

1. English name:
We may have to rethink our name, Bookworm Foundation, because there is a organization called The Bookworm Foundation in the US.
Why didn’t I Google for the English name and double check in the first place? Why? Why?
I have no idea… I want to kick myself…
Anyway, we need to think of cool, simple, unique, easy-to-remember, short, and lovely name (if it exists!). Ho ho ho…

2. Logo:
Our old logo was this:

Photo caption: Logo with two worms reading a bok on top a bus

And latest draft of our new logo is this:

Photo caption: Logo with an open book, and coming from that a globe composed of different items

I thought this is final, but I just received very constructive yet critical feedback.
So… no, this cannot be final yet.
We will discuss again in the meeting.

3. Financial duties of foundation:
Now that we are a registered foundation, we have more legal obligations.
We need to find someone who can make financial report, help us with tax document etc.
This person must be experienced, living not too far from Phrao, helpful, affordable, and approachable… Hmmmm… who can this be?

So, at the moment, I don’t feel like raise my hands in celebration and dance around the library.
Tons more to be done…
Still, we must stay optimistic, right?
At least I can say that we are definitely one big step closer to well-structured organization in my dream picture 🙂