This morning, Parn (my roommate) and I was about to go out to meet someone near Thong-lo station.
Then, we found out that we couldn’t open our door!
I tried, and couldn’t open.
Then Parn tried, and no success…
We call the owner of the apartment downstairs, and the couple came upstairs to rescue us.
About half an hour later, they managed to take out the lock with the door-knob, and changed to a new one.
So we thanked the owners, went outside, and lived happily ever after.

PS: What if the owners were gone back to their hometown?
So lucky of us!

PPS: Those of you who might heard about the red shirt movement against Thai government, please don’t worry coz it’s quite peaceful here in Bangkok.
We could hear some people shouting in distance, but nothing serious so far, it seems.