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Attention, attention! Application for a Great Opportunity is Now Open Again :)

A couple weeks ago, I have received a letter from a friend Noora, who is working for IISE (International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs), Kerala, India.
As many of you already know, this is where the idea of Always Reading Caravan (ARC) was born, and I have gained plenty of untradable experiences, and met many inspiring role models and friends there.
IISE is is NOT a university, but I have learned many things and skills that I would have never been able to learn in any universities around.
As Noora writes in her letter, the application for 2012 course at IISE is open now.
Please read this through, and spread the news to your friends.

Here is the letter from Noora:


 Dear Friends

Check out this new social entrepreneurship institute called the IISE, in  the back waters of the beautiful state of Kerala, South India!

This institute offers practical methods of learning that help aspiring social innovators to set up their social projects (eg., NGO’s, Charitable Institutions, Societies, Associations) back in their own countries.Their main objective is to create a network of grassroot organizations that bring positive, social change all over the world.

The unique factor of this institute is that it values passion, motivation and stories of surviving major life challenges more than educational qualifications. The only requirement is that the potential applicants to this scholarship course are conversant in at least intermediate level english and have a plan for social change.
 In case you are an aspiring social innovator or you know of someone who
please help spread the message listed below for your viewing.

Applications NOW OPEN for 2012

International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs

The International Institute for Social Entrepreneurs (IISE) is a
dream-factory where participants from all over the world share visions
acquire all necessary skills to create social change.

The IISE welcomes participants, all over 22 years of age, whom have overcome
significant life challenges ranging from vision impairment, disability,
poverty, war, discrimination and exploitation. Most of them have personally
experienced adversity or witnessed a particular situation that they wish to
change so others do not suffer. They have a passion to make the world
a better place and the strength to be forces of good rather than victims of circumstance.

The IISE does not select its participants according to
What we are looking for are motivated and dedicated individuals who have the
potential to start and run a social project.

For those who are selected, the IISE offers an 11 months high profile
unique leadership course. This course is conducted by international
who help the participants to develop all necessary skills to succeed as
social innovators.

The 2012 course will take place from Mid January 2012 till mid December

To ensure high quality training the IISE accommodates a maximum of 30
participants per academic year who are chosen through a stringent 5-step
selection process.

If you know of potential participants, please do inform them about the
existence of the IISE course and refer them to our website at

Also please send the above poster and this letter to anyone else you
would know of potential participants including individuals, your social
network contacts, organizations, student leaders etc.

Feel free to print the above poster and post it where you believe it
reach potential change makers!

If possible, post this letter and the Poster on your website as well.

Your support is greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your consideration.
With very best wishes,

Thanks and Regards,
Noora Michael

Intake and Alumni Coordinator  | Braille Without Borders | International
Institute for

Social Entrepreneurs  | noora@iiseconnect.org | office@iiseconnect.org I
www.bwb-iise.org* <http://www.bwb-iise.org/>

The Flier to call for application for IISE 2012 course in Kerala, India
The Flier to call for application for IISE 2012 course in Kerala, India