Volunteers get together to make touch-and-feel parts

Background Information
Bookworm Foundation (BWF) is a non-governmental and not-for-profit organization to promote the joy of reading and learning among children and adults with and without disabilities in Thailand. Our missions are:
◦ Promote reading for pleasure,
• ◦ Provide equal reading opportunities for children from various background, and
◦ Utilize books as bridge between vulnerable groups and mainstream society.

Since 2018, we have started a new project based around Bangkok area called Noon Noon Books (หนังสือนูนนูน). Through this project, we aim to produce universal design picture books that can be enjoyed by children with and without disabilities. The book is fully illustrated and lots of touch-and-feel features hand-crafted by volunteers. The text will be written in large print as well as Braille. For more details, please watch our introductory video.

You can also listen to the audiobook version of the book.

A page from our first book

Job description for volunteers
As the volunteer project coordinator, we would like you to dedicate 3 working days per week (roughly 20-25 hours). It’s a mixture of home-based work and on-site work such as meeting with volunteers and purchasing material. The main tasks of the volunteer project coordinator include:
◦ Co-ordinating with multiple groups of volunteers in Bangkok to create touch-and-feel features of the book,
◦ Searching and purchasing materials necessary for book production,
◦ Documenting the tasks related to the project in spreadsheet and other format, and
◦ Meeting project-related individuals / organizations such as donors and volunteers as representative of Bookworm Foundation.

Every week they get toegether to make bumpy parts

• As a volunteer project coordinator for Noon Noon Books, you are expected to:
• ◦ Have good communication skills in English. (Japanese and Thai skills will be highly appreciated as well)
◦ Be a prompt communicator (quick response to e-mails and other forms of communications is the key for this position)
• ◦ Have experience and enjoy working with simple documentation work, such as spreadsheet and word processor.
• ◦ Have good interpersonal skills both face-to-face and in e-mail and social media interaction.
• ◦ Have good problem-solving skills and constructive and positive mind-set.

You can start working as soon as possible, and we would like you to stay with us at least half a year.

Toekn of appreciation:
We will provide you with 8000 baht per month as token of appreciation.

Another page from our book: “Treasure”

If you are interested, please send an email with your CV at
or call for inquiry at Ms. Yoshimi Horiuchi in either Thai, English, or Japanese at
Thank you for reading, and we are looking forward to hearing from you!