As many of you might know, I’m working part-time at APCD (Asia-Pacific Development Center on Disability) near Victory Monument, Bangkok. Today, I want to share a piece of news from there.


From Feb. 3-5, APCD hosted an intensive working session to kick-start a new project called APCD Empowerment Cafe, or ECafe for short. It’s a nice and cozy cafe, but you don’t have to fly all the way to Bangkok to enjoy our coffee.


Actually, it’s an online information platform, where baristas (like journalists in this sense) from 5 subregions of Asia Pacific region post interesting news, innovation, latest research, personal stories, videos, and photos about persons with disabilities.


We are a team of 12: 1 cafe owner, 1 chief barista, 6 baristas, 1 chef, and 3 cafe staff, including persons with and without disabilities.


As a barista mainly in charge of East Asia, I am determined to portray both positive and negative side of disability. Just like anything else in the world, there are both brighter side and darker side for disability. Persons with disabilities, just like you and me, have jumped up and down in joy and nearly drowned in tears out of despair. People with disabilities are as diverse as people without disabilities.

It’s just that people have seen and shown negative side of disability much more than positive side of it.


If you want a cup of information or a bite of knowledge, please visit our cafe.


We also have

Facebook page and Twitter.


If you like the taste of our coffee/tea, please spread the words about us so that we will have more customers.

The more, the merrier!


Last but not least, if you have an interesting news/article to share, please send it to me via email.

I am happy to cook it into a cup of coffee and serve it in our ECafe 🙂