Dear all friends,

As you already know, Japan is going through very tough time because of
the enormous earthquake and tsunami in the northeast. MOre than 10000
people are assumed to have taken lives, and There still has been many
aftershocks, including very big ones. It’s freezing in the affected area,
and people are trying their best to survive and rescue.

My family lives in the south-west, so they didn’t get affected. But I
have many friends who live in affected areas including Tokyo, and they
are having very insecure time because of terrible disaster.Stores are
full of empty shelves, and transportation is stil not under total
control. Many power cuts and some water shortage. Even worse, the
nuclear power plants are leaking, and some radioactive things started to
fall. Being in Thailand, I’m so very worried about my country, and I
have never felt so insecure about Japan before in my life.

If you could, please help the victims. The Nippon Foundation, one of the
most trusting foundation in Japan, has set up English website to
collect fund. Please read the email from my friend at the Nippon
Foundation, and I would appreciate any help you can contribute. Please
spread the words on Facebook, Twitter, and your email networks. We
really need your help in Japan. All I hope now is that all victims can
go under safe roof and warm environment with food and water. And I do
hope and hope that we have hit the worst part, and we can recover from
this point.

With much gratitude,


Yoshimi Horiuchi
Always Reading Caravan (ARC)


————– Original message follows ————–
Subject: The Nippon Foundation/CANPAN, Northeastern Japan Earthquake
and Tsunami Relief Fund
  Date: Tue, 15 Mar 2011 11:22:22 +0900
  From: Chiba Hisao <>
    To: Chiba Hisao <>
Dear Friends and Colleagues

This is Hisao Chiba, the Nippon Foundation.

Thank you very much for your sincere concern for the Earthquake in Japan.
Today, once again I’d like to ask your kind support to the below initiative by the Nippon Foundation.

As of today, we have received about 55,000 USD from overseas countries and 500,000 USD within Japan.
However, we shall need more support from all of you. Please kindly share below information to your network.

Thank you very much for your kind support and concern.

Hisao Chiba

The Nippon Foundation is at the forefront of assistance activities in support of those affected by the earthquake/tsunami of 11 March 2011
that hit the northern part of Japan.

We are now accepting donations to establish a fund for the emergency relief/reconstruction projects.  The donations can be made online by
credit card on our following website:

It would be highly appreciated if the above information should be circulated among your colleagues and friends as widely as possible.

With many thanks and best regards,
All staff of the Nippon Foundation