Dear all,

Hello! It’s Yoshimi here. I’m typing this message in a guest house in
Chiangmai. I have come here for a few days to get away from the
tension in Bangkok. I thought to drop a note to everyone just to let you
 know about the situation in Thailand.

First of all, I am quite safe here in Chiangmai. Even in Bangkok, if
we don’t step into the mob on purpose, there is no danger.

On Saturday, the military and the red shirt group broke into violence.
As a result, up to now, 21 people have lost their life, and over 800
people got injured. They include red shirts, police, military, even
journalists. The sky train in Bangkok was stopped totally on Saturday,
and started to offer limited services at limited stations on Sunday. I
left Bangkok on Sunday evening, and don’t know the stituation at the

But I heard from the local people here in Chiangmai that the
protesters were disolved, and the stituation seems to be calming down
a bit.

Hopefully, Bangkok will be in peace again in a few days. It’s such a
shame that this 21 people had to sacrifice their life for such an

But again, please don’t worry about Thailand much. It’s not as bad as
media is covering.

All the best,