Dear all,

Hi! How are you? It is quite rainy here in Kerala because monsoon has
returned to this region of the country.

I wanted to share a small happy news with you today. With the help of
creative friends, I got the name for my future project in Thailand. It’s
 called “Always Reading Caravan (ARC).” In Thai language, it’s called
“Karawan Norn Nangseuu (Bookworm Caravan).” As some of you may know, I
want to have a small bus, and load it with Braille, audio and print
books, educational toys, and tactile miniatures of various objects,
and travel around the countryside of Thailand. I want to tell children
and adults, with and without disabilities in Thailand to know that
reading is such a fun, and everyone should have this fun together no
matter who you are.

I just bought a web domain at
and planning to set up a tiny website in a few weeks.

Right now, I am writing  project proposal and five-year financial
plan. After I graduate from IISE in coming December, I will
immediately start to work. My first big step will be to register the
organization in Thailand and Japan.

So, actually, the project is just a baby, not even be able to sit on her
 own. But I just wanted to share her existence with all of you.

Thank you for taking your time to read, and have a good weekend!

All the best from Kerala, India,