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How Many Strangers Do I Talk with Throughout a Day

This is a list of people whom I talked with throughout a day today on the way to and back from work.

Note I excluded simple thank yous and sorrys from

This list.


1 Soy milk vendor auntie (I asked her to put basil seeds)

2 Security gard lady at Wong-wiang-yai station (She helped me get on the train)

3 Security guard guy at Siam, who helped me to transit

4 Security guard guy at Victory Monument who took me to the sandwich stand in the station

5 A lady who walked with me on the overhead bridge towards Rajvithi Hospital

6 A girl who looked for bus No. 12 for me

7 Bus conductor to whom I told the bus stop that I get off

8 An auntie who walked with me to the gate of my working place

9-10. 2 security guys at Aree Station.

11. Security guy at Siam

12. BTS driver (at

 Wong-wiang-yai station. He was waiting with me till the security guy ran up to meet me).

13. Motorbike driver in my soi. (He even gives me free ride all the time.)

14. A newly moved-in neighbor at the apartment, who turned out to be one of the security ladies at Wong-wiang-yai station! She always wares a bangle with small bells, and she shook it like anything to let me realize who she was J What a surprising end of a day!


People ask me how I learned Thai language so quickly, but now you see it, right? If you talk with more than 10 people on the street (besides your friends and colleagues), you would be able to speak; no other choice!


And trust me, through such a small chitchat and conversations, these people really make my day, even in the most depressing situation.