This was literally our first-ever mobile library activity. We brought around 70 books to Railway Park near the famous weekend market (Chatuchak Market), and conducted various activities in the afternoon, such as story-telling, fun reading, songs, and games. Actually, we planned to start around 2 PM, but soon after our banner was put up, kids started to stream in. No choice for us, but to start around 1:30, right?

We did a bit of ice-breaking with the help of a volunteer who plays the guitar. An adorably charming girl came up to sing the famous elephant song to the crowd to kick-start the program.

Then follows the story-telling. A lovely couple read a story using Japanese kamishibai, and kids were totally drawn into it. To get them excited again, a friend of us did some warm-up activity.

Even though we did not have any advertisement veforehand, nearly 30 children and their parents gathered to join us. The best part was that the parents started to read to their kids. So we managed to involve not only children, but grownups, whic is quite important.

By 6 PM, we were happily exhausted and ready to hit the road again. Since this was our first group activity as Always Reading Caravan, I was quite nervous about it, actually, and happy to tell you that gained enormous confidence in capability of our team and the positive path ahead!