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As we have posted on our homepage, we are always looking for supporting members from around the world. The membership fee is 30 US Dollars, 25 Euros, or 1000 baht per year. Please click here to see examples of things we could buy with one person’s annual membership fee.

On making your decision, please email us at with your details to subscribe:

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Monetary Donation

We rely on donors to fund our ever growing projects. If you would like to give a one-off donation or a regular donation to Bookworm foundation, please use the bank details below. Your support will make all the difference in turning our dreams into realities. See our Projects page for just how far donations have taken us already.
Direct Deposit

Account Holder: Bookworm Foundation

Bank name: Kasikorn Bank

Branch: Central Festival

Account No: Savings Account 043-8-15111-7


Address: 99,99/1-2 Central Floor 3, Road Superhighway Chiangmai-Lumpang, T. Faham, Muang, Chiangmai 50000 Thailand

Tel: +66 53-807-605

Book Donations

Do you have picture books you no longer want? We are always looking for books, for all ages, that are in good condition for our libraries in Phrao. If you have books in Thai language: We happily accept all genre of books except for school textbooks and magazine back numbers. If you live in Thailand, and have books in English language: To make the books fully accessible to our Thai speaking readers, we send the English books to our translation volunteers around Thailand, who manually put the Thai text into the books. Therefore, we no longer accept books in English. But there are exceptions.

We would love to have books in any language if they have special effects, such as popup books, touch-and-feel books, and books with sounds or music built in. Those are very hard to be found in Thailand, yet very effective for children who are new to the world of pleasure reading as well as for those children with special needs.

It can be hard for families to afford the luxury of buying books, Bookworm overcomes this barrier by offering free membership to an unlimited amount of books at any time with lifelong subscription fee of 10 baht (around 25 Euro cents). We have hundreds of library members who love to see new book titles published on our Facebook News feed.
mum and child reading big book
Please send your books (except textbooks) to the following address:
  • Rang Mai Library
  • PO Box 6,T. Wiang
  • A. Phrao, Chiang Mai
  • 50190, Thailand


Do you live in Thailand, and want to work with local people? Do you have special skills such as teaching, graphic design, marketing or creative writing, and are thinking of contributing to the society?
Bookworm is open to volunteer staff with ideas and motivation at any time from any part of the world. Our journey and learning process is always ongoing! Please join us to make a change in your unique way!
We are looking for volunteers from both in and outside of Thailand. We also occasionally post opportunities on Idealist. Don't forget to check out Volunteer Work Thailand for other volunteering organisations across Thailand.
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