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Rang Mai Library

ARC opened a community library in the centre of Phrao, Chiang Mai in 2012, now shelved with over 6,000 books and 200 dvds!

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Mobile Library

A variety of exciting, interactive books are on offer for children to dive in and explore with ARC's mobile library school visits

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Yoga for Kids

ARC's mobile library isn't just about books, fun activities are laid on for all to enjoy!

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Joy of Reading for All

ARC are committed to supporting disavantaged individuals and make home visits as part of the mobile library service

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Early Childhood Literacy Centres

ARC opened two early childhood literacy centres for hill tribe children. Staff visit monthly with supplies and assess teaching and learning

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Call for Donations

We are always looking for kind people to hop on our caravan... would you like to join our cause?

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Volunteers Wanted

Volunteer with projects across Chiang Mai by visiting for all opportunities and application

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Join Our Caravan!

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What Does ARC Do?

Community Library and Outreach Projects

Community Library and Outreach

ARC runs Rang Mai Community Library in Phrao, Chiang Mai. We also provide mobile library service visiting schools, villages and homes across Phrao. Staff and volunteers conduct two to three outreach programs per week and conduct fun activities with children.

Early Childhood

Early Childhood Literacy

ARC has set up two early childhood centres for hill tribe children. Sunshine Kids Center and Little Smiles Center both focus on teaching children basic literacy in preparation for primary school away from their villages. ARC makes monthly visits to both centres to deliver supplies and assess teaching and learning.

Northern Thailand
Volunteering Project

Northern Thailand Volunteering Project

ARC has established Move Lanna , a volunteering program dedicated to connecting small-sized NGOs and rural projects across Northern Thailand. Move Lanna recruits volunteers from across the globe. Check out Move Lanna for full details of all volunteering opportunities available to you.

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Always Reading Caravan Association has achieved amazing things thanks to the tremendous amount of support received since the beginning. Years on, ARC has reached a different stage of operation. Now, more than ever, we need to expand our support membership base in order that we have a bigger, better and deeper foundation upon which to build our work, both now and for the future. We have come up with an annual support membership scheme that we hope is attractive to a range of interested supporters. Each member will pay an annual membership fee of 30 USD or 25 Euros, and receive quarterly newsletter as a small token of appreciation from Thailand.

See our Support Us page for more information on how to subscribe. For all questions regarding membership, please email us at We really hope you consider joining as a member of Always Reading Caravan.