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Three “Kamishibais” Have Arrived!

Today, I received a big box from Japan,
including three kamishibais in Thai language.
“Kamishibai” is a form of picture book, designed for a person to read a story
for many children at once.
In one set of kamishibai, there are many pieces of big and thick paper,
which has picture on one side, and letters on the other side.
So the story-tellers can show the picture to the audience,
reading the story part written behind.
You can imagine it like a slide-show which is done completely manually.

The three stories were like folk tales in Thailand and has lots of animals.
My friend, who used to work in the refugee camp
near the Burmese border in Thailand has donated them to ARC.
I can imagine the excited children
staring at the big pictures and stories behind.
They will be great assets for our caravan,
and I can’t wait to go out in villages with them.