Dear everyone,

Hello, this is Yoshimi. This is the first letter from Always Reading

Caravan (ARC). As ARC is called Bookworm Caravan in Thai language, I will call this letter as “Bookworm News” and tell you about the project and my life in Thailand.

As the title shows, I have reached Thailand safely on Feb. 4. Now I am living with my Thai friend in an apartment near a BTS (Sky Train)

Bangkok is as busy as before. I used to live in this apartment 3 years
ago as an exchange student, with the same friend. But now, BTS has
reached this Thonburi side, and station is in a walking distance from
our apartment!

The only thing it hasn’t changed is the people here. The owner of the
apartment welcomed me as if I haven’t been away at all. The shop-owner of a noodle stand in our street said, “Oh, It’s been five years? You have advertised my noodle in Japan, right?” as he packed a tom-yam noodle for me.

My work has just started, and the caravan hasn’t hit the road yet, but I feel that I am in the right place.

Wherever you are, please take care of your health, and ARC will always in contact with you!

All the best from Thailand,



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